What the heck is Paleo?

What the heck is Paleo?

I'm not going to try and explain what Paleo is - experts have already done that. I will simply point you towards the ones who helped me the most and lay out what Paleo is for me.

Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple was my first introduction to the Primal way of living. I refer to this site often as I can usually find the answer to any question there. He also gave me the guidelines I needed to create my own fitness plan, thanks to his free Primal Blueprint Fitness guide. Also, the Friday Success Stories he publishes are just out of this world! Every week I am amazed at all the wonders a Paleo lifestyle has done for others.

If you are like me and enjoy easy to understand articles with many pictures, a visit to Nerd Fitness will get you just that!

Curious about how to transition the entire family into a paleo lifestyle? Click here to visit Paleo Parents for all the information you need!

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And finally, a person ho has probably influenced the way I eat more than anyone else is Amber Rogers at Go Kaleo. As she so perfectly puts it,

"there is no ONE right way to eat."

What is Paleo to me?

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I follow a pretty basic version of the Paleo diet. This means I try to eat an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that I try to always buy organic. At any given meal, I try to make sure at least half of my plate is filled with veggies. I generally follow these guidelines (Click here for free It Starts with Food PDF guides).

I also eat a lot of meat, eggs and seafood. This, with a serving of healthy fats (avocado, olive or coconut oil...), usually fills the rest of my plate.

I eat some fruit, limit my seeds, and avoid nuts as I have trouble digesting them. Starches, such as plantains and sweet potatoes, rarely make it onto my plate.

The foods I avoid at all costs are ones containing gluten, dairy, corn, and peanuts as they have a horrible and immediate affect on me. I usually say no to alcohol because it makes me feel unwell.

And last but not least, I still enjoy treats. Some are as simple as a big glass of freshly pressed juice... others are as complex as recreating my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. These are no longer what used to be a daily {or even twice daily!} indulgence though.

Do I feel deprived? Not at all. I just try to focus on feeding my body what it needs to feel its best without stressing about what I can't have.

Paleo, to me, is a sort of freedom. I now know how to eat make myself feel great. I'm no longer at a loss dealing with my health problems.

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