Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ABCD Cinnamon Granola {AIP, Whole30, Paleo}

Confession: I used to be a cereal addict.

I would eat a huge bowl {or two or three} each morning for breakfast, then, upon arriving home after school, I'd repeat the process.

My consumption slowed down as I grew older, but I still loved eating the stuff. My tastes also changed though, and instead of sugary cereals, I turned towards "healthier" granola, loving the mix of chewy dried fruit and crunchy oat clusters. When I started eating clean, I even made my own granola weekly. 

Then I went paleo.

Grains were out the window, so I gave up my granola mix. There are many paleo granolas out there, but they are full of nuts and seeds, making them not only expensive, but tough on my digestive system. I gave up on granola.

Then this happened. 

A for dried apples. B for banana chips. C for shredded coconut. D for dates. Cinnamon for deliciousness. Granola that is affordable and easy on my digestive system. #winning!

ABCD Cinnamon Granola

Read my guest post about how I healed joint pain by following a whole foods diet and find the ABCD Cinnamon Granola recipe on Charlotte's blog, The Healthful Diaries.

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