Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Strong Woman Problems: Finding Pants That Fit

Today's post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. I'm here, bombarding you with photos of my love handles, for two reasons:

  • To show you that pants sizes don't mean jack, so stop stressing over the size on the tag.
  • To show you what brands of jeans do or do not have that ever dreaded "back gap".

You see, I started CrossFit just barely over 6 months ago, and in that time frame my thighs and butt have grown while my waist has shrunk. I'm not complaining about either {and nor is the hubster} but it does make finding jeans that fit rather difficult. 

I took on the task of trying on ALL my jeans and separating them into three piles: too small, fit, fit with a back gap. I will spare you photos of the too small pants, and will skip directly to the fit and fit with a back gap groups. Maybe you'll recognize brands and therefore you'll be able to look out for or avoid certain ones.

And maybe you'll stop obsessing over what the little piece of fabric in the waist band of your pants is telling you because, as you will see, size varies widely from one brand to another. All these photos were taken the same morning, one right after another.

First up, the jeans that fit but had a back gap.

All of these babies fit great in the thigh area... but had enough space in the back leftover to carry a baby koala in. The brands and sizes of these pants are as follows, from left to right:
  • MNG Basics - Euro size 40 (US size 8)
  • Aéropostale - Euro size 38/40 (US size 7/8)
  • C&A Clockhouse Super Skinny Leg - Euro size 40 (US size 8)
  • WE Blue Ridge Denim - waist size 31 (Euro size 44 - US size 12)
So far, these jeans are all about the same size, except for the last pair which is "technically" a couple sizes bigger than the other three. Lets continue...

Here are the first three jeans that fit me:

No back gap and they all fit great in the thigh area. I actually have two pairs of the first pair of jeans - the other pair is a burgundy color. From left to right the brands and sizes are:
  • Sutherland Denim - size M
  • Hydraulic - Euro size 38/40 (US size 7/8)
  • Zara Basic Dept. Denim - Euro size 38 (US size 6)
We already have a bit more sizing differences here... On to the last batch of jeans that fit.

Once again, they all fit great all around. From left to right the brands and sizes are:
  • Forever Young - Euro size 34 (US size 3)
  • Levi's 504 - Euro size 38/40 (US size 7)
  • Zara Woman - Euro size 38 (US size 6)
So, according to the jeans I own, I am a European size 34-44, and a US size 3-12. Or, in other words, sizing varies from one brand to another!

And that concludes my pants that fit me with and without a back gap expose. Do you have any big-thigh-little-waist-friendly pant brands to share with us? 

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