Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dining Out, Paleo-Style {Liege, Belgium - Brasserie Le Perron}

I met up with a friend for lunch the other day. We went to college together, and while we don't get together often, we make an effort to not let too much time go by between visits.

We never really plan anything though, we just fix a meeting point and go from there. This time we choose La Place du Marche for our rendezvous, and decided to eat at the first place we saw: Brasserie Le Perron.

You have two choices there: salads or burgers. I quickly read the two menus and my eye was caught by the Ocean Salad: salmon and veggies just sounded really good to me!

Normally, this salad is served with tzatziki, which is a sauce made from Greek yogurt and cucumbers, but I asked them to withhold it and explained I couldn't have dairy products.

Sadly, when my {huge!} plate arrived, I saw the salad was served in a sort of taco bowl - that wasn't mentioned on the menu! I then explained that I couldn't have gluten either... and they quickly made up a second salad for me, served by the chef himself who proudly proclaimed the salad to be "sans produits laitiers, sans gluten!"

Also, to make the deal sweeter, they replaced my tzatziki with a serving of Pico de Gallo, which married perfectly with the salad! I drizzled on some olive oil and enjoyed my huge meal until the end!

Alex, my friend, had ordered the Orange Chicken salad and agreed that the food was delicious and the servings were generous.

While we were there, everyone at the restaurant was offered a free specialty beer, on the house! I, of course, declined, but the gesture was appreciated.

We ended the meal over a shared pot of mint tea, complete with orange blossom water to flavor it as we wished.

All in all, Le Perron is a delicious little restaurant/bar, and is worth the stop if you're in town. Just be sure to precise any food allergies clearly beforehand to avoid sending back entire meals... Apparently not every ingredient is listed on their menu.

This is also another example of not being afraid to ask for what you want {or, such as in my case, asking for what you need} when eating out and adhering to special diets. Bon appétit!

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