Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kombuchapple Mocktail {AIP, Paleo}

A couple weeks ago, Carolyn, the Community Manager at, contacted me with a fun idea. You see, their job at is to make wedding planning fun - and for the moment they are focusing on cocktails {and mocktails} to help brides who'd like to add a bit of flair to their reception

Carolyn asked a few of us bloggers how we'd craft a signature drink for a fall wedding or how we'd recreate one of our favorites. Our drink could be a twist on a classic or our own concoction - and we could share the recipe on our blog! {Yay for y'all!}

Now, I don't drink alcohol for medicinal reasons, so I knew I'd have to create a mocktail. I thought back to my favorite mixed drinks from my drinking days, all while keeping the idea of fall in mind. I immediately thought of my in-laws' orchard, picking apples every fall, and pressing them into enough juice to last us the year! This surplus of juice inevitably led the hubster to creating a very simple mixed drink, consisting of Calvados, an apple-based alcohol, and apple juice over ice. Simple, as I said, but also very tasty! Everyone who tried it liked it and it's the drink we served every time we have company over for dinner.

I decided to create my own, alcohol free version using kombucha. The only kombucha I can find Belgium has three flavors - and the Classic flavor has a very alcoholy taste to it, making it perfect for this mocktail. Feel free to use whatever kombucha you prefer, but stick to a classic or apple flavor in order to remain true to the original drinks' taste.

This mocktail is paleo, and is also AIP friendly. Being alcohol-free, kids can get in on this fun drink as well! If you drink alcohol, feel free to replace the kombucha with Calvados or any other apple-based alcohol such as hard cider. You could even offer both options to your dinner guests {or wedding invites}. If you are planning a wedding, don't forget to check out - their site is packed with amazing ideas!

Kombuchapple Mocktail

  • Ice cubes
  • Classic or apple flavored kombucha
  • Apple juice
  1. Fill a long drink glass about half-full with ice cubes {about 3 cubes}.
  2. Cover the ice cubes with kombucha, then fill the glass the rest of the way with apple juice.
  3. Serve with a fancy straw and enjoy!

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