Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cookbook Review {Paleo to Go}

When I was contacted to review the Paleo Parent's most recent book-baby, the ebook Paleo to Go, I jumped for joy! Not only do I adore Stacy, Matt and the boys, but I also love their recipes! Actually, the second paleo cookbook I bought over a year ago was the gorgeous Beyond Bacon - and I continue to cook from it to this day!

But let's move on to the book in question today: Paleo to Go.

I said that I adored Stacy, Matt and the boys, and the biggest reason for this is because they are REAL. They lead normal lives, enjoy spending time together, and eat good food. I feel like I can relate to them, like they could easily be my next door neighbors. Really rad next door neighbors, of course, but I'm sure they'd give me an egg and a cup of coconut flour if I knocked on their door asking for some.

Because of this relatable vibe they give off, many families turn to them asking for advice on how to make it all happen without going crazy! In response to these questions, they wrote their first eBook, 3 Phase Paleo, which guided families through the steps of converting their diet over to a paleo template.

Their second eBook is a great complement to 3 Phase Paleo, perfect for those just starting out on their paleo voyage, but is also an excellent stand-alone book for those who have already adopted a paleo lifestyle - but who struggle to make it easy on a day-to-day basis.

Paleo to Go is a guide and recipe book for exactly what the title implies: eating paleo while on the go! This book takes all the guesswork out of constructing healthy, wholesome breakfasts, snacks and lunches - for children and adults alike.

While reading through this book, I realized just how "boring" my lunches are - I have a "MYO salad" nearly every day! This is highly satisfying, and I'm far from being bored by this option, but I realized I could also think outside the salad and try a few different lunch options, starting with Paleo to Go's "Wrap It Up" and "Rosemary Carrot Mash"! Both of these recipes were delicious and satisfying, and a nice change from my standard salads.

This week, I mixed and matched recipes to create my own meals, but for those of you who would like more guidance, Stacy and Matt have also provided combination ideas using their recipes to create perfectly balanced meals designed to keep you or your children full for hours.

The recipes are nicely organized by type, so mixing and matching is made easy. They are also coded by allergy.

You read right: allergies are taken into account in this amazing guide.

The top eight allergy-causing foods are not only explained but also avoided in this book! Can't do eggs? There are recipes for that! Need to be nut free? They've got you covered! Dairy gives you hives? You guessed it - no problem! Everything is clearly labeled and substitutions, when possible, are noted. This makes allergy-ridden lives so much easier - and that much tastier!

But, all those great features aside, my favorite thing about Paleo to Go is how child-friendly it is. While every delicious recipe is perfect for adult meals, they truly are tailored to younger tastes and wants. This book could be handed to a child, after the "rules" for building a perfect meal have been explained, and they would have a blast building their own meal! There are several tips and tricks for getting younger ones involved in the food prep, including a printable "no complaints" food list to make packing school lunches a cinch!

So, to summarize, Paleo to Go is a wonderful guide for preparing delicious, real food, covering breakfast, lunch and snacks. Some of the dishes would also be wonderful at dinner time!

It's perfect for anyone looking for new packed-lunch ideas, or anyone with children - especially if they aren't yet convinced by the paleo lifestyle! The ingredient lists are simple, but the flavors are stellar - making each recipe easy to prepare and guaranteed to please!

It's also an eBook, which means you get it as soon as you pay for it - no ordering and no waiting! If, like me, you prefer to physically turn pages, Stacy and Matt formatted this eBook to print perfectly on letter sized paper! If you can't wait any longer to own a copy of Paleo to Go, click here to view more details. You can even get a special deal when you buy both the eBooks together! Click here to view more details.

If you are feeling lucky, enter my contest below for a chance to win a copy of Paleo to Go!

In any case, check out The Paleo Parent's blog where you'll find tons of family-friendly paleo recipes for all occasions!

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  1. Great review, the book seems like an awesome resource. Packed lunches are difficult to be creative with! I have some long days at uni ahead of me this autumn so I definitely could use some lunchbox inspiration!

    1. This would really help with that - there's something for everyone in here!

  2. Awesome review, thank you, Meg! I'm currently not working, but I was wondering how I'd be doing while going to work every morning (which will be soon hopefully!). Also my mum is often stuck figuring out meals, which she could easily pack to work, plus she gets so easily bored of meals which are repeated too often. I'm sure this would be an amazing inspiration for both of us!

    1. It really would! It's very nicely laid out and easy to use :)

  3. Looks very practical and useful! It would be a great resource for people who are overwhelmed with just getting started. I'm always looking for new ideas too :)

    1. Exactly. It's perfect for beginners add it's well laid out and full of guides, but paleo "veterans" can still enjoy the yummy tedious, as well as learn a thing or two about meal planning!

  4. Commenting while I should be sleeping as I have my first day of classes tomorrow ��

    1. LOL this book would help your food prep so much!