Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cookbook Review {The Paleo Approach Cookbook}

I preordered The Paleo Approach Cookbook as soon as I realized how incredible it was. I have been eating paleo for about two years now, and strict paleo for almost a year - and only now am I realizing that certain food still cause my digestive distress! I embarked on a Whole30 AIP in an effort to flush out any remaining trigger foods... and while doing so, fell in love with Sarah from The Paleo Mom! {Does that sound creepy?}

She is seriously a major kitchen wizard, managing to do amazing things with the restrictions imposed by an AIP eating template. I knew I needed her book and that it would be one I would reference over and over again.

When her book finally arrived in the mail, I jumped for joy! {Really, I was home alone, but I still did a little happy dance to the music in my head, hugging the GIANT book to my chest.} I immediately Instagrammed it, placing it carefully back into the box for the occasion, then plopped onto my couch to begin reading it!

I read the whole thing, cover to cover, that very same day. Even the insanely interesting science bits at the beginning! After reading through the book, I grabbed my handy-dandy meal planner and eagerly planned out a weeks' worth of AIP meals. And you know what? Every single thing I've made has turned out delicious!

Wanna know something even more surprising? I actually follow these recipes! And very nearly word for word! Everything is so simply laid out and explained, I actually want to do what Sarah tells me to do. Even when I doubt her methods {like with the bone broth - it's much more involved and slower than my recipe} I trust in them - and I'm always pleasantly rewarded! {That bone both was the tastiest batch I have ever made!}

Even the recipes that are involved, like the Bone Broth recipe, are super simple to follow. There's no weird steps or guessing to be done. And most of the meals I've made from this book have required about 30 minutes or less hands-on time {not counting cooking time}. Not only am I able to create delicious, nutrient-dense meals for the hubster and I, but I am able to do it without spending my entire life in the kitchen!

So, to sum it up, this book is HUGE. It's also jam-packed with information about the autoimmune protocol, how to implement it, what to look out for food-wise and tons of tips and tricks for cooking in general. It also has hundreds of recipes, nicely organized into sub-categories - and there is even a photo index at the end for easy perusing! Also, since this book is 100% AIP, that means it's nearly 100% allergen free! No nuts, no seeds, no dairy, no gluten, no grains, no nightshades, no legumes... It's an allergic foodie's dream come true!

Oh, and there are a TON of photos - those nice, colorful, full-page photos that I just love to see in cookbooks! This book is a joy to cook from, and to look at as well! And if you know me, you know I read cookbooks like I do fiction - I've even been seen reading cookbooks in bed!

I highly recommend this book to anyone, not just those following an AIP template, and not even just paleo peeps. There is something for everyone in this cookbook - so pick up your copy of The Paleo Approach Cookbook today!

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