Friday, August 8, 2014

My First Time in a Box {CrossFit Liège}

These are my itty bitty battle wounds. And let me tell you - boy am I ever so glad I decided to torture myself with my self-inflicted #BurpeesChallenge because we did a lot of burpees!

But let me start from the beginning...

I decided almost two months ago that I wanted to start crossfit, and, lucky me, there was even a box in my city! I told the hubster I wanted to join, and he immediately shot me down. {He actually rarely supports my ideas, since I have about a gazillion new ones every hour.}

I persisted though, reading up everything I could about and talking to him about it incessantly. Eventually, he realized that this wasn't just one of my many "ideas", but that is was actually something I really wanted to do. He decided to look into it himself.

Imagine my joy when he came home from work one day and told me he was okay with me doing crossfit - as long as I waited until he was ready to try it out as well. I, of course, agreed. I also knew it would probably take awhile for him to be "ready", so I kept myself busy with at-home crossfit workouts each morning... and burpees each evening.

And so, yesterday evening, we finally entered our local box, CrossFit Liège, with two good friends in tow. We showed up early so we could scope out the place a bit and watch other WODs going on, just to get a little idea of what was in store for us.

It was actually quite intimidating to walk into that huge open space, with deep red walls, loud blaring music and hard bodies everywhere. But I didn't feel one judging stare. Everyone was either dying while finishing their WOD or smiling at us. Even in the dressing room, where I was surrounded by gorgeous naked women, I didn't feel out of place or uncomfortable. As strange or as cliché as it may sound, it felt like coming home.

Then the crowd shifted, with all the hard bodies finishing up and leaving and all the more average-looking folks gathering together like scared chickens waiting for the beginners' class to begin.

Our coach was Casa. He was friendly and explained things very clearly, and even {kinda sorta} made things like burpees fun. #butnotreally

He started out the session with a short talk on nutrition {paleo encouraged!} and said nutrition was the second most important aspect of good health - sleep being number one. {Yesterday's beginner's WOD was "number 2" and there are five in all, each with a different topic covered briefly before the actual work is done.}

Then we warmed up with some mobility stretches and some medicine ball passes. I was feeling pretty invigorated after this, but the hubster was ready to die. He is a typical "meathead" - and he admits it. He lifts weights, is pretty big, bulky and strong - but has zero cardiovascular conditioning. {Part of why he's interested in crossfit is because he'd like to change that.}

I really liked how our warm up got us ready step-by-step for the skill: shoulder presses. I've done presses before at home, by myself or with the hubster watching, but I've never had professional feedback - it was really nice to hear that I had great form! I was still feeling amazing at this point, and the hubster was getting back a bit of his mojo... but then came the WOD.

Four rounds of 12 shoulder presses and 12 burpees for time. Brotha say wha?! And of course, over eager me jumped right in before the timer started - so I actually ended up doing 5 rounds of presses! Needless to say, I was dead at the end of the WOD, but I really pushed myself and was happy with my time of 8 minutes 23 seconds. The hubster even said I was the first one done, with one other lady closely behind me, and that the two of us were minutes before the others. This also makes me insanely happy, but I was too busy trying not to drown in my own sweat to really notice that at the moment. Oh, and the hubster's time? Yeah, he didn't look. He thinks it was around the 11-12 minute range though {not too shabby for a bodybuilder!}.

We all stayed on the floor until everyone had finished, and it truly was just like they say: we encourage everyone on. And I was so happy when the last person finished her WOD without giving up!

To end the session, we rolled out our shoulder muscles with softballs and Casa explained the ins and outs of the box a bit more to those of us who wanted to listen.

So, we're both definitely sold and ready to go back for more, but we're still hesitating about the location. We recently learned that a second box, CrossFit Liège Centre, is opening on the other side of town. It's ran by the same people and the coaches will bounce back and forth between the two boxes, so the atmosphere should be about the same. We'll have to weigh the pros and cons of each location and make a decision, but our decision to join has already been made.

Now what? Well, I need to buy a jump-rope for the hubster and we need to practice double-unders. Actually, he needs to learn how to jump rope first. He also needs to work on his squats. He is about the least flexible person I have ever met, but we're going to work on it.

Also, I need to buy more hand towels and a good headband. Drowning in ones own sweat is no bueno.

Thanks CrossFit Liège for such a great first experience - I can't wait to come back!


  1. It's so cool Robin is doing it with you! :) I would have loved to join you.. But I already find myself too muscular when I see photos of me in my bikini.. So I really couldn't have!

    1. LOL trust me, the chicks there were just hot, not "muscular" looking. But as you wish...

      You could still come and try it out once, the first time is free :-D