Monday, August 11, 2014

AIP Whole30 Check-In {Week 3}

Wow! It's already been three weeks since I've started following AIP guidelines and doing my third Whole30! Things are still going well - and I actually feel  I look slimmer this time {I never notice amazing shifts in my body composition during Whole30}.

I didn't start this AIP Whole30 with aesthetic improvements in mind {I am hoping to clear up a couple lingering issues}, but I will gladly accept any that come along!

As for my IBS, it has greatly improved. I'm not going to say I'm flatulence free, but compared to what I was experiencing three weeks ago, it's life changing. {For those of you who like TMI, here goes: the frequency of my gassy issues has been reduced by about 75% and are about 99% odor-free. My eructations have been slashed by about 95% and I am sleeping about 90% better. I think the little trouble I still have with sleeping is linked to sleeping in a too-warn room.}

Something I've realized during this Whole30 is how much I neglect veggies at breakfast. I used to eat veggies with every meal, then I fell into a sort of rut with my eggs-bacon-avocado every day. Cutting out the eggs, I turned to veggies to fill my plate - which also reminded me of how good sauteed veggies and leftover veggies are in the morning!

It also caused me to cut back on my protein intake without really realizing it... then the hunger set in. I need a hefty dose of protein in the morning to keep me fueled for the day, if not, I'm starving come mid-morning. Luckily I've already experimented with that, so I knew if I added in more protein, I'd be just fine. This time though, I added in protein, keeping my veggie count the same. And I stay full until noon without any trouble.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I eat around 100 grams of meat or fish at both breakfast and lunch, anywhere from 25-50 grams at my afternoon snack and anywhere from 100-200 grams at dinner. If I consistently eat less than this, no matter the amount of veggies and carbs I eat, I become crazy hungry and binge on everything in sight. It's not pretty.

My goal for last week was to practice mindful eating... which I only half succeeded. I'll keep working at it though. For this last week, my goal is to eat 100% AIP {with the exception of green beans, which are considered AIP gray-area but I will still eat} and to start thinking seriously about the order of my reintroduction foods.

I hope everyone's Whole30 is going as well as mine!


  1. How much fat are you eating? My meals are high fat, moderate protein, with salad or roasted veg on the side + sweet potatoes/basmati rice/white potatoes for my muscles (not every day though). I can go about 6 hours between meals with this combination and no need to snack in between. If my meal itself isn't super fattening, then I have a fattening dessert. I find that if my meals are high protein, moderate fat my weight sticks and I even gain weight. I know you're not doing the Whole30 AIP to lose weight though. Just my own experience :)

    1. I don't track any of my food, so I'm not sure... but I'd guess I'm at high fat, moderate protein, moderate carbs.

      My health suffered greatly when I was low carb... I really need to do a blog post about it.