Sunday, August 3, 2014

AIP Whole30 Check-In {Week 2}

Two weeks have gone by already, and I'm still feeling great! I've also narrowed down a couple food sensitivities as well: bacon and chorizo.

Now, it's not so much those two cuts of meat that bother my delicate digestive system, rather it's their ingredients. Bacon was my one and only except to clean eating, as I love bacon and could never find any that didn't include glucose/dextrose/both as well as a whole slew of additives {the famous "E" numbers here in Belgium}. I justified eating it anyway as it was the only exception I made - and such a little bit couldn't really do doing me any harm, right?

Wrong. I was still, er, farting even after a week of strict AIP eating - the only thing I could think of causing that was the fruit I was eating. Then I thought of the bacon... and the hubster agreed that my body is obviously sensitive to additives {eating clean all but cured my chronic joint pain, the cause having never been found by numerous doctors}. I decided to trial both fruit and bacon. 

I ate no fruit and no bacon one day: no flatulence. I ate fruit at every meal one day: no flatulence. I ate a half a piece of bacon one day: flatulence. It may hurt to admit it, but I have to give up bacon until I find a clean source {or make it myself} if I want to rid myself of constant bloat and gas issues.

So what about the chorizo? Well, I was enjoying a delicious lunch one day, when I started having stomach cramps. Then intestinal cramps. Then intestinal bubbles. Then flatulence. What the ----? I had eaten this same meal the day before with no problems... except today I added chorizo. And, after more reflection, I realized that chorizo was red - because of paprika! Paprika is a nightshade and is therefore off-limits while on AIP {and apparently off-limits for me, period}.

I will still try reintroducing paprika at the end of my reintroduction phase to be sure, but the signs were pretty darn clear to me...

But, on a happier note, I can now say that I have met all my goals which had pushed me to start on this AIP Whole30 adventure to begin with:

As a reminder, I am committing to 30 days of AIP Whole30 Paleo, plus the reintroduction period, in an effort to clear up a few lingering problems I have been experiencing, notably gas {flatulence and eructation}, IBS {Irritable Bowel Syndrome} and insomnia.

{I still experience a bit of flatulence, but now it almost only happens when I have to, err.. go. As in, number two. I think that can be considered "normal".}

My mini goals for Weeks 1 {learn all I could about AIP} and 2 {less fruit, more veggies, no bacon} were met as well. Now, for Week 3, my mini goal is going to be mindful eating. I have the nasty habit of checking my phone while eating, or surfing the net while eating. I'm really going to make it a point this week to just sit down and eat slowly. I'll think about what I'm eating, how it tastes and focus on the nourishing value of food - both physically and mentally.

Does anyone else multi-task when eating? And remember, you can follow along with my AIP Whole30 journey via Instagram using the hashtag #Whole30andThriving. {PS - you don't need a smart phone to follow someone on Instagram - a desktop computer works just fine!}

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