Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AIP Whole30 Check-In {reintroductions}

Well, as I write this, it's Day 31 of my Whole30 - but I only made it to Day 28 of AIP. You see, I hadn't really told anyone I was doing AIP {don't make that mistake if you intend on respecting your engagement} and so when my mother-in-law told me what we were having for dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday, I really didn't have it in me to tell her I couldn't eat it {she was stressed enough with party planning as it was}. I just decided that I would begin my reintroductions that day instead of waiting for today, Day 31. 

I have listed my intended reintroduction order below, though that may change depending on other social engagements I may encounter. I will also be updating this post each time I reintroduce a new food.

Tomatoes {+ Eggplant}

Day 28, I had one small, organic, garden fresh, raw tomato at lunch with no noticed symptoms. Later than day, I had regular store-bought, non-organic cooked tomatoes and eggplant, once again with no noticed symptoms.

Day 29, I abstained from eating tomatoes and didn't notice any changes.

Day 30, I had half a large, store bought tomato, raw, at lunch. No symptoms were noticed all day.

Verdict: Tomatoes are safe!


Day 28, without realizing it, I also ate mustard {in the vinaigrette}. As noted above, I did not react to anything I ate that day.

Day 34, I knowingly had mustard again {in a vinaigrette} and experienced no symptoms.

Verdict: Mustard is safe!

Whole Eggs

Day 31, I had one over-easy egg {conventional store quality} with the yolk cooked fully for breakfast. I noticed a bit of flatulence soon after my meal, and it progressively got worse throughout the morning. Weirdly, it got progressively better after lunch - which had raw tomato. About mid-afternoon, I had a rather disagreeable bowel movement {I'll spare you the details}. 

Day 32, I returned to full AIP {no eggs or tomatoes} to allow my system to go back to functioning normally.

Day 33, I had one over-easy egg {conventional store quality} with the yolk cooked fully for breakfast. I thought things were going well... until they most obviously weren't. To keep things short and sweet, I had a bad bathroom trip and everything has been smelly since.

A few days after that, I had half a hard boiled egg... same nasty reaction.

Conventional, store bought, whole eggs aren't safe!

Egg yolk

Day 34, I returned to full AIP. I had no reactions.

Day 35, I ate two scrambled egg yolks {I rinsed them off, removing as much of the white as I could}. I didn't experience any issues. I also ate mayo later that day {raw yolk} with no issues.

Verdict: Egg yolks are safe!

Paprika & Nightshade-based Spices

Day 35, I went out to eat and decided to take the plunge and order my favorite dish - which also happens to be smothered in paprika. Plus I doused it with tons of hot sauce {ingredients list: chili peppers, bell peppers}. I had no reaction to the meal. I will probably eat these sparingly, but for now...

Verdict: Nightshades are safe!

Egg White

Day 36, the hubster convinced me to try egg whites... so I whipped up some meringue and ate two raw egg whites... and had no reaction whatsoever. I still need to try them cooked alone...


I made simple fruit bars using 3 tablespoons of coconut flour total. The first day I had just a small sampling of the treat, with no reaction.

The day after that, I ate 1/3 of the remaining bar. No reaction.

The next day, I ate another third of the bar plus about 1/2 a cup of homemade coconut milk.

The day after that, I drank about 3/4 of a cup of coconut milk. No problems.

Verdict: Coconut is safe!

Seed-based Spices

I ate a dish with ground cilantro seeds with no issues.


A cup every few days, at least, shows no issues.

Verdict: Coffee is safe!

Other Seeds

I dipped a sliced apple into tahini {sesame seed paste}. My mouth became itchy and my throat felt raw, nearly right away. {It's not the apple as I've eaten apples from the same tree a few times this week already.} Later, my stomach hurt as well.

Verdict: Sesame seeds aren't safe!





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