Monday, July 21, 2014

Whole30 Round 3 Starts Today! {+ AIP}

Okay, I know I said I was going to start an AIP-inspired Whole30 today, but after careful consideration, I've decided to go "all out" and see what AIP can do for me.

Just as with my attempt to heal what I suspected to be a problem with SIBO, I hope to find even more digestive relief through this round of AIP Whole30.

{I just realized, I never updated y'all with my SIBO healing... it worked! Before, I'd eat fruit and, almost immediately, I'd experience extreme abdominal and intestinal pain paired with excessive abdominal bloating. I looked pregnant and I hurt. Now though, I can eat fruit with no bloat and no pain! I thought I was intolerant to at least apples and pears, but I actually just needed a break from sugars to heal myself!}

I don't think I have any other unknown food sensitivities {at least I hope I don't!} but I do think I have a bit more healing left to do. {I'm still experiencing gas and insomnia.} Cutting out all sugars and adding in garlic/probiotics really helped me during my SIBO cleanse, so I'm hoping cutting out all "difficult to digest" foods and then reintroducing them slowly will allow me to feel even better!

I had a great time on vacation, eating lots of mostly paleo food {I did splurge on a couple deserts!} and I'll be sure to share a recap of all the great places I visited {and ate at} over the next couple days. Probably the most surprising part of my trip was I didn't get sick, not even once. I can't even go more than a couple weeks in the midst of my own family without a minor cross-contamination problem, but I somehow managed to eat out at four different restaurants without any problem whatsoever.

I'm assuming this minor miracle is due partly to all the healing I have already managed to do, but also to the high quality of food standards we purposely sought out when choosing our eateries.

I've also decided to set mini-goals for myself, as I truly enjoy reading Jaime's weekly updates during her Paleo Reset. My goal for week 1 is to get the hang of AIP and learn more about it. Over the next few days, I will be reading every internet source I can find regarding AIP, so feel free to share your favorites with me in the comments below.

Would you like to follow along with my Whole30? AIP or not, use the hashtag #Whole30andThriving so I can find your pics on Instagram - even I could use a bit of yummy food-spiration for this round!

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