Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eating Paleo on Vacation {The Vosges, France ~ Day 3}

Okay, so the title isn't quite correct for Day 3. Day 1 and Day 2 were spent exploring the French region called Les Vosges, but for Day 3 we ventured into the region referred to as Alsace. But just to keep the trip posts united, we'll keep the title the same. {By the way, you can read about the first part of our trip my clicking on the links above.}

Anyway, back to Day 3. We woke up fairly early and showered {we wanted hot water this time!} then had pretty much the same breakfast as the day before: hard boiled eggs, sliced chorizo and half a peach. I also added my last banana bread bar to the mix {you can get that recipe here}.

Once we had finished, we packed up our room, turned in the key and hopped in the car - we were going to Colmar! Colmar is a historically preserved town well known for its black stork population. Our first stop in this little town was a local market. 

This particular market is open every day, all day. I would really love to see this sort of thing replace our modern-day grocery stores. Every stand was full of ugly, dirty produce - produce that was organically grown in local dirt. There were homemade breads, cookies, treats... galore. There were more types of honey than I could count. There were even ethnic stands, serving homemade Greek, Italian and Asian food. Fresh meat and fish were also available - I even saw a guy buy a "bucket of meat".

The hubster and I settled down for an espresso {he ate both the cookies, though I was tempted to try the Amaretti as "real" ones are paleo-friendly}. We soaked in the ambient noises, enjoying the hubbub of a busting market. I only ended up buying a pack of macaroons, even though I would have gladly taken half the market home with me!

We then strolled the streets of Colmar, enjoying everything we saw! The buildings were typical Medieval-style homes, complete with over-hanging second and third floors and wooden crossbeams in every which direction. The colors were also typical of France - yellows, greens, reds and blues adorned the facades of every building making everything clash yet match at the same time. It was truly like taking a trip back in time.

Even though the sights were so beautiful, the sounds of the multiple tourists starting getting ruining it a bit. Don't get me wrong, we are tourists ourselves, but we tend to prefer the less touristy areas when we visit new places. Though its beauty is worth seeing, Colmar was just invaded by tourists. 

After we had walked around the entire town twice, we decided to find a cafe and sit for a drink before finding a place to eat lunch. We happened to stumble upon a cafe whose name was Brasserie Jupiler - Jupiler being a popular Belgian beer, the hubster needed to have a drink there. We sat down and were both happy upon looking at the menu - he had several Belgian specialty beers to choose from and I had a selection of a few natural juices.

If ever you're in France, or any other country that sells these juices, you need to try them. I ordered the Pear-Rhubarb-Cinnamon drink by Borderline. They boast they're all natural, and the ingredients list is pretty impressive. And the taste. Oh man. I am for sure going to be preparing some sort of dessert using this flavor combo again - it was out of this world!

We had a good time munching on my macaroons {disclaimer: not paleo}, sipping on our drinks, and watching the storks fly by. But then we got hungry and went looking for food. We ended up eating at La Musardière and getting sorbets as dessert at La Sorbetière d'Isabelle. You can read my review of both those places here.

Then began our long drive home. Quick fact: Did you know the man who made and gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States lived in Colmar? There is a miniature version of Lady Liberty on the outskirts of town, and we happened to drive past her back side on the way home.

Please don't mind the incredibly dirty windshield. I'm a compulsive washer when I drive, the hubster, not so much so. 

That sums up our trip to France, and how I managed to stay {mostly} paleo during it all. The bottom line is, be prepared, look around and don't be afraid to ask questions or modify your meal if need be! Most of all - enjoy your trip!

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