Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eating Paleo on Vacation {The Vosges, France ~ Day 2}

Today's recap is all about Day 2 of our mini vacation. You can read about Day 1 here if you wish - there's a recipe and a restaurant review to go along with that post as well.

We slept in this morning - we were on vacation, after all! Then we started out the day with our packed breakfast, served on napkins and eaten on the only table in our room. We had the oh-so-glamorous meal of hard boiled eggs dipped in Himalaya salt, sliced chorizo and a nectarine each.

Then we got ready and headed out for our hike - this was my first hike in high altitude, and I must say I was winded faster than usual, but it was a blast! If you're in the area and looking for a quick hike to do, this is a great one. It goes up the Hohneck mountain and then back down again in a perfect loop. I even got the chance to walk through a herd of mountain cows! Cows in most parts of France are pretty much let loose in the wilderness and hiking trails pass through "their" fields all the time. They wear huge cow bells so the farmers can find them easily - and the sound is just magical!

{Please don't mind my sweat soaked tank - it was about 40°C outside and we had just hiked/climbed up a mountain side.}

We stopped about 3/4 of our way up the mountain to eat lunch. The hubster found a shady spot under a tree with a gorgeous view to boot! He had the traditional mountain lunch {baguette with dried sausage} but as that meal would make me terribly ill, I passed and ate the same lunch as yesterday. I ate the other half of my avocado {slightly discolored since I didn't bring lemon}, a can of tuna, the rest of my lettuce leaves and a couple banana bread bars. {You can find the recipe for those here.}

After our meal, we started up again, determined to get to the top! We did, and took a break from the hot sun in the shade at the top of the Hohneck. Since it was so hot, and since I had loved the house-made apple and blueberry juice the day before, I decided to order the house-made sorbets! The hubster got two scoops of mirabelle {also known as cherry plum} while I got one scoop each of blueberry, mirabelle and raspberry! The blueberry definitely won - and the hubster regretted having taken only mirabelle!

We then headed back down the mountain, thoroughly enjoying the sights and sounds as we went. 

Once arrived at the hostel, we showered and had a little pre-dinner snack to refuel after all the effort. I had classic kombucha, sliced apple, sliced chorizo and another banana bread bar. The hubster added a beer and peanuts to his side of the snack table.

Next up was dinner. You guys, this was seriously my favorite meal of the whole trip, and quite possibly one of the best meals I have ever eaten. You can read about the restaurant here - it is a must taste if ever you're in the area!

And, just like the day before, we crashed as soon as our heads hit the pillows! Come back tomorrow to hear about the foodie exploits of Day 3!

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