Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eating Paleo on Vacation {The Vosges, France ~ Day 1}

It was the hubster's idea to go to The Vosges for our mini vacation as he had been there once before with his university and had fallen in love with the area. I was right to trust his judgment - the area was beautiful!

We're pretty spontaneous people, so we didn't over-plan the trip - but we did take food options into consideration, especially for me. I drew up quick menu plan, which ended up being modified slightly, and prepped food accordingly. We ended up taking 10 hard boiled eggs, 2 packs of chorizo, 3 nectarines, 1 plum, 3 cans of tuna, 1 avocado, pre-ground Himalaya salt, about half a head of washed lettuce leaves and 6 banana bread bars with us. {Plus a bendable cutting board, a sharp knife and a camping fork.} We had a cooler with us, but all of this could stay at room temperature and be just fine.

We got up early and ate a good breakfast before hitting the road for about four hours of driving to our hostel. My plate consisted of three eggs, some dry-cured ham, a few black olives and a banana.

Once we arrived, we installed ourselves on the grass in front of the hostel and had ourselves a picnic lunch. I ate a can of tuna, half an avocado, some lettuce leaves and half a plum. And my table was a tree trunk. How frickin' cool is that? {Don't mind the hubster's sammies in the back, he's only reluctantly paleo. I still haven't managed to get him on board with lettuce wraps...}

We spent the afternoon wandering around town and eventually ended up having a drink at the top of the Hohneck Mountain we planned on climbing the next day. The hubster got a giant beer, of course, and I got a homemade apple and blueberry juice - it was so good and thick and not too sweet at all! The view was breathtakingly beautiful as well, which made the drinks even more enjoyable!

After the drinks, we began the search for a place to eat dinner with food that wouldn't kill me. The first place we checked out happened to have the commercial meat truck parked out front, so we kept looking - and I'm so glad we did!

We ate dinner at a farm where they served their own products! You can read about that amazing place here or visit their website here.

The cows lead such happy lives here in The Vosges, they actually sit down and gaze at the view!

The food was so good there - so much so that the hubster demanded I attempt to recreate the potatoes he was served {based solely on his description, of course, as I didn't taste them}. You can see what I came up with here.

And that pretty much sums up our first day in France. We returned to our hostel after the evening meal and went straight to bed!

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