Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dining Out, Paleo-Style {Route des crêtes, France - Kastelberg Auberge}

During my recent trip to France, which you can read about here, the hubster and I decided to eat about half of our meals at local restaurants because one of our passions is good food - and what better way to experience good regional food than by going to that region and eating it?

We were staying in The Vosges and the hubster had read about "fermes auberges" in the area. Basically, local farms have started offering public services, notably either lodging or cuisine - or both. Most of them boast homemade food prepared from what their farm produces our what they can buy locally. This fits perfectly with our foodie principals and we also figured this was the best way to taste "real" Vosgien food.

Check out their website here.

We ended up finding a little farm about two kilometers off the main road that had a restaurant where they served traditional food made with their own products. Score! We explained my food allergies/sensitivities to the nice woman {gluten, dairy, white potatoes} and she said she'd gladly do what she could.

It's pretty hard being allergic to white potatoes and dairy products in France - all the traditional dishes are served with cheese and potatoes! I didn't miss out on anything though, as my food was delicious - and the view was even better!

The restaurant was literally in the family farm, with picnic tables just outside for when the weather was nice. There were cows, pigs and chickens all around, and even two goats waking freely around the tables, trying to steal whatever foods they could!

We asked for the menu, meaning we'd have a starter, a main dish and a dessert. I started the meal out with a very generous cold veggie salad composed of shredded carrots, diced pickled beers and lettuce seasoned with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing. {The hubster had the same thing, except less veggies plus a slice of torte, which he said was unbelievably delicious.} It was a light and refreshing dish after such a hot day.

The main dish was the most delicious piece of smoked pork jowl I had ever eaten, served with a simple green salad and an omelet {which, the lady explained, replaced my potatoes}. I didn't want this meal to end and the hubster and I fought over the pork meat!

It did end though, and we got to choose a dessert. We both took the apple sorbet with bits of candied apple mixed in, which we ate in the setting sun while watching the cows graze in the field below us.

We left the place with full stomachs and wonderful tasting memories - and a couple goats ringing their bells behind us. If you want the real deal, check out the Kastelberg Auberge - this delicious three course menu is only 19,50€ {17,50€ for mine} and the atmosphere is truly one of a kind.

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