Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dining Out, Paleo-Style {Plainfaing, France - Ferme-auberge "Les Grands Près"}

This was the spot we chose for our second dinner while on vacation in France. You can read about the rest of that day's activities here.

This was the best choice we had made during that trip. Not only was this my favorite meal in France, but it just may my favorite meal ever.

We showed up at the Ferme-auberge Les Grands Près just before they started the evening service. We installed ourselves at a picnic table in front of the farmhouse and admired the view. We weren't as high up as we had been at the Kastelberg Auberge, but the view was still beautiful - and we had animals all around to admire! Just below us was a herd of sheep, and we could hear the pigs and chickens in the background.

We explained my food allergies to the owner, and while she seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the limitations {considering the local specialties are usually full of cheese and potatoes}, she was also more than willing to adapt the menu to suit my needs.

I started the meal out with a glass of homemade apple juice. My in-laws also make their own apple juice, so I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed apple juice snob, but this was good. I timidly suggested to the hubster that this was even better than his parents' juice. To my surprise, he agreed! {He had a local artisan beer, which he said was very good as well!} 

Next up was my allergen-free Country Salad - just fresh greens, house-smoked bacon and a fried egg. It was utter perfection. The bacon was so perfectly smoked the hubster couldn't help but steal a few bits from my plate! The smell alone was intoxicating! {His starter was a sort of poultry paté and a fresh cabbage salad.} I wanted the starter to continue even after I had licked the plate clean and I told the hubster, "Okay, I'm fully satisfied, we can go home now," as a joke - boy am I ever glad that was just the beginning!

The main dish was even better than the starter! I was treated to more deliciously home-smoked pork meat, served on top of over-roasted zucchinis, onions and tomatoes. I had a side of homemade sauerkraut and a green salad. Once again, the smell of the pork was making the hubster drool, so I kindly gave him a small piece, along with a bit of my veggies. {He had oven roasted lamb with various veggies and white potatoes.}

To put a perfect end to a perfect meal, the owner offered to prepare a cup of local berries. I was treated to raspberries, red currants, black currants and blueberries. It was absolutely divine. {The hubster had some homemade ice cream, strawberry and pine flavors. He was loving it!}

We left this place with fulls stomachs and dreams of going back - they also have rooms! All the food is prepared in their kitchens using what is grown and raised on their own property, or what they buy from surrounding farms. This is the sort of food quality I can get behind - and one I hope to see expanded to other domains!

Be sure to check out the Ferme-auberge Les Grands Près if you ever get the chance - you won't regret it!

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