Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dining Out, Paleo-Style {Colmar, France - La Musardière & La Sorbetière d'Isabelle}

This was the restaurant we chose for our last restaurant meal while on vacation in France. You can read about the rest of that day's activities here.

The city of Colmar was extremely picturesque, but a tad too touristy for us. We looked around for a restuarant with home-style cooking, but the only one we found had a price range that was just a bit out of reach of our small pocketbooks. We finally settled on La Musardière, not only because the price was right but also because there were several meals I could eat without modification {which is always a plus in this sort of situation}.

We settled into our chairs in the shade and ordered our meal. I wasn't disappointed at all by this meal, I actually found it quite delicious! {It didn't surpass my meal at either Kastelberg or Les Grands Près, but then, nothing does!}

I ordered the pork knuckle with sauerkraut, and I was glad I did! The sauerkraut wasn't the best I had ever eaten, but it was still lots better than anything I'd ever bought in a store. The mustard, on the other hand, was clearly industrial as it was served to us in small packets. The ingredients were listed however, which was nice for me.

The pork though. Oh yum. Still way below the standards set by the fermes-auberges, but tasty nonetheless. It was perfectly crispy on the outside with a deliciously flavorful fatty layer. The meat itself was tender and moist, and had really good flavor. All in all, it was a great deal at only 9,90€ - and the hubster had to help me finish my dish! {He ordered the sauerkraut at 9,50€ with five meats and agreed with me - good, great deal, but doesn't beat the home cooking we experienced in the Vosges.}

Dessert was taken at a little sorbet shop, La Sorbetière d'Isabelle. This little shop boasts numerous different flavors of both sorbets and ice creams, so everyone can find something delicious! The hubster took a scoop of Passion Fruit and another of Thyme Mango. He loved both flavors. I choose the Flavor of the Day {Raspberry Cranberry Hibiscus} and Blueberry. The Flavor of the Day definitely won in my opinion, as I found the Blueberry sorbet at the Hohneck was far superior. {But this one was still über delish!}

All in all, if you find yourself wandering the streets of Colmar, looking for somewhere to eat, this restaurant, La Musardière, is sure to give you a great tasting meal for a bargain price. And if you need a dairy-free and gluten-free dessert option, give La Sorbetière d'Isabelle a try!

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