Sunday, July 27, 2014

AIP Whole30 Check-In {Week 1}

Well, today is day 7 of my AIP Whole30. The goal I set for myself at the start of this "reset" was to learn even more about AIP and to read everything I could get my Internet hands on. I did just that and was really fascinated by all I read. The way our bodied function is really amazing and it's crazy to think about how much is affected by our food choices.

By far, the most informative website I found was The Paleo Mom. There is even an entire section devoted to Autoimmunity, which I highly recommend to anyone who is curious to learn more about AIP Paleo.

So, goal achieved - but how am I feeling?

As a reminder, I am committing to 30 days of AIP Whole30 Paleo, plus the reintroduction period, in an effort to clear up a few lingering problems I have been experiencing, notably gas {flatulence and eructation}, IBS {Irritable Bowel Syndrome} and insomnia.

First, I'm sleeping much better and finally waking up refreshed once again! I set my alarm for the same hour each and every day, but for the last couple of days I have been waking up before my alarm goes off. Before, I used to wake up every single night when the hubster would come to bed, but that's happening less and less often. I'm also falling asleep faster which is a major plus!

My IBS has improved drastically! This may be a bit TMI, but I have been having normal bowel movements since day two! Something I as eating was really messing my with digestion down there, and boy am I ever happy to have removed it from my diet! Now, I just have to pinpoint what it was during the reintroduction phase...

Lastly, the gas. I hardly ever eructate anymore. I used to burp after every meal, and between each meal as well. To give you a bit TMI again, they would sometimes be pretty acidic, or even have a taste {either of the meal I just ate, or of bile}. It wasn't usually noticeable to others, but it was bothersome to me {and not to mention pretty disgusting}.

As for the flatulence, it has diminished, but is still present. To venture once again into the realm of TMI, they used to be really smelly before - each and every time. And oftentimes, they were loud. Now, they are mostly discrete and usually odorless. This remains bothersome nonetheless, so I have decided to reduce the amount of fruit I eat, just in case that's the cause.

Edited to add: After a discussion with the hubster, I have also decided to give up bacon. Bacon has been my one exception to eating clean - the only bacon I have yet found here in Belgium is full of nasties, but I always figured that it wouldn't make that big of a difference since 100% of the rest of my food was squeaky clean. Hmm... after a fruit-free breakfast, I was still gassy... was it the bacon? We'll see...

So, my goals for week two are:

Eat smaller portions of fruit.
Eat a larger variety of veggies.
Edited to add: No more bacon {unless I find a clean one}.

Is anyone else doing a Whole30, AIP or not? How are things going so far? Remember, you can follow along with my AIP Whole30 meals by watching the hashtag #Whole30andThriving. Be sure to tag your own Whole30 compliant meals with that tag as well so I can find them!


  1. Omg this is the third time I am writing this comment... I really hate a commenting system on here!!! : I am happy to read that you are feeling better already and I am surprised but also happy you gave up bacon because the one you buy comes from a bad place, we're better off without it ☺ Also, when you told me about your gas problem, I totally thought you only meant farts... Are burps an abnormal thing? Cause I burp all the time, especially after my meals...

    1. Burps and farts are both "gas" - and burps aren't especially abnormal, but I was burping all the time, and they tasted bad. It wasn't "normal". I no longer burp at all, like, ever, so I'm assuming if you eat correctly for your body, you won't burp.

      You might also just be eating too quickly and swallowing air while you swallow your food. Try slowing down and see if that helps your burps.

      As for the bacon, it's no worse of a place than all our meat comes from - no matter what Luc says ;-p And I didn't give up bacon - I love it too much! I'm just going to start seriously searching for a clean source, or thinking of a way to build our smoker (which won't happen before next summer, unfortunately...)

      And yeah, it's insane how much better I feel on AIP Whole30!

  2. I probably burped over 60 times tonight after we ate and drank a cocktail... They don't fast bad but oh boy I burp so much. You're making me wander about my food!

    And my meat always comes from organic places, so it is better than wherever the bacon does :p

    1. I've read the label for the bacon before, it's actually cleaner than Herta or other name brands. I truly don't think it's as bad as you think.

      Add for organic meat, that really isn't much of a guarantee. You have to see the farm to know how they're treating animals. And I've read meat labels at Al'Binete, and I've seen nasties in there as well...

      It's become my quest to find quality meat here in Belgium, I will succeed! :P I will be buying directly from a farmer as soon as possible.

      As for burps... did you eat quickly or talk a lot while eating? Was your cocktail bubbly? Those three things could cause burps... good digesting in your stomach can also give off gases.

      I was bothered by my burps because they tasted bad, and were audible. Are yours bothersome?

  3. I am on day 4 of gluten free, dairy free and sugar free life. I am not doing any whole30's or stuff like that, I just decided to make my own rules :) I feel that this kind of lifestyle should be the way I live all the time, so that dairy and sugars and maybe once-a-year-gluten would be the exceptions. I have thought that it would be beneficial to be gluten-dairy-sugar free at least 7 days straight. But at the same time as I want this to be my permanent lifestyle (90/10), I will off-road if I really feel like it. I bet the 7days will happen at some point. Also, I feel this kind of attitude will really help me to make my lifestyle healthier and better and I will avoid the negativities that diets have always caused me.

    Whole30 has messed up my mind once :/ it transformed into a diet (exactly one year ago) and you might guess how well things turned out. I have noticed that intuitive eating is the one that keeps my mind healthy too so if I just maintain intuitive attitude, I bet I will continue on a very healthy path food&exercise wise. :)

    Gluten messes up my bowels so much that it is the easiest one to stay away from! The talk of TMI is important because we all have those things in our life and they affect on our daily well-being so of course they should be discussed :D The reason I had to leave dairy again is that it makes my stomach ache, my nose run (napkins were to be found everywhere at home), my face is like a teenager's and also it makes me have gas which comes out loud and clear :D Only 4th day now and I have noticed:
    -My skin is healing finally <3 It has been a zit-full summer!
    -Gas/flatulence problems are getting rarer/nonexistent (doesn't bother anymore)
    -I am feeling soooo much perkier in the mornings!
    -I don't have to blow my nose as much, maybe 3times/day! So that doesn't bother me either anymore. Also my throat isn't sore when I wake up.
    -Much more energy than usually.
    -Bloating has gone, -1,4kg's.
    I bet sugar has a part in these things too as it is a cause for inflammation and a good food for harmful gut bacteria.

    Basically nothing negative! I bet I forgot something as I got interrupted while writing :) I don't feel hanger, I am satisfied and without cravings and no stomach problems either. And as I have been keeping this intuitive (keeping "this is my choice" etc in my mind) so that this won't be some temporary diet which equals living in deprivation, every decision about food has been easy to make :)

    I will continue to follow your journey! :) I love how I feel right now and writing about it helps me remember my motivation when the bad day comes (they always do).

    -Moveliveenjoy from IG :)

    1. Wow! Great improvements! I'm sorry that Whole30 messes with you... it actually helped rid me of my eating disorder tendencies (I would often binge, I used to religiously weigh everything I ate, count calories, macros, or both...). I call what I'm doing "Whole30" but this is how I should and could live - quite easily and happily as well!

      I hope you continue to heal, and thanks for following my journey!

  4. What about buying bacon from your local butcher? Or ordering a chunk of uncured pork belly to slice on your meat slicer?

    1. Unfortunately, the only bacon I find is either clean and salted or "unclean" and smoked. And the salted "bacon" really just tastes like pork... :/