Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Strong Woman Problems {Ruben O has the solution}

I met Ruben through my dear friend Sarah. He was in the middle of creating his kickstarter video and needed an American native speaker, preferably a woman to balance out his male voice.

Now, as strange as that may seem, Americans aren't found on every street corner here in Belgium :P Luckily for him though, he mentioned what he was searching for to Sarah, and even luckier for him, he liked the sound of my voice.

I agreed to help him out even before learning what he was promoting, but I soon fell in love with the idea and support this company 100%.

Ruben believes in a better, more durable world, much like the one our grandparents knew. Things were crafted by hand, food was grown naturally, and quality in all aspects of life was of utmost importance.

On his quest to return to better times, he has decided to start with custom made, quality clothing - and first up are pants!

Not only are these pants made to fit YOU perfectly {ever have to buy pants a size or two too big, just to fit your thighs only to take the waist in after?}, but they are also completely European, from start to finish. {Don't worry though, Ruben O wants to spread the European quality worldwide - there is no limit!}

Finally! Pants to fit your #quadzilla body!

Go check out his kickstarter video {or watch it below} and pledge your support today - you'll get a great pair of pants in return!

You'll also be supporting someone who's interested in our future... he may or may not have mentioned wanting to delve into eating crickets after Ruben O Apparel takes off correctly... 

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