Friday, May 2, 2014

No more TV, no more 'net! {device free friday}

The hubster and I don't spend a lot of time together. He gets off work later than I do, and also goes to the gym twice a week. He works most Saturdays from home, and zones out in front of the TV to relax most evenings. I'm often occupied with my corrections or lesson planning, or I'm on Blogger and Instagram.

We do eat dinner together every evening, but it's usually with the news playing on the TV in the background. And we try to go for a short walk just the two of us each Sunday, but Sunday afternoons are often spent with family.

To make a long story short, even though we're often together physically, we're not often together mentally. There's always some sort of interference, be it the good kind (family time) or the not so good kind (Facebook and CSI: Miami).

In light of this, I suggested to the dear hubster that we turn off all devices each and every Friday and just spend time together.

What I expected was to have to battle and argue to get even an hour or two dedicated to this. What I didn't expect was for him to say yes right away. But you know what? He did.

Now, each and every Friday evening, as soon as the hubster walks through the door, we turn off our WiFi, unplug the TV, and put on a little music.

We chit chat a bit about our days, pour ourselves a glass of red wine, put out little bowls of nuts to munch on, and don our aprons.

Then we cook dinner together, something we used to do pretty often. Sometimes we make elaborate meals that require lots of prep and time, other times we make simple comfort dishes we just haven't eaten in a long time.

Then we finish the bottle of wine in the couch where we usually fall asleep in each other's arms, talking about everything and nothing.

I look forward to Friday evening each week now, and I think he does too. It really does us some good to "disconnect" from the world for even a few short hours and really be there for each other, in the same shared moment.

Don't forget to spend real, quality time with those you love. It's so hard to get lost in today's technology that we forget what it means to truly connect with someone. I challenge each one of you to set a date, even if it's just a monthly date, to disconnect from social media, television and other modern-day distractions and spend quality time with that special person in your life. Have a family? Great! Turn date night into family night - but be sure to squeeze a date in as often as possible as well! Happy reconnecting!

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