Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I don't have what you'd call a green thumb {but I have green onions}

These roots were placed in water after dinner and
the picture was taken the next morning -
and there's already a bit of regrowth going on!
My thumb is far from being green, but there are certain things I can grow/keep alive. Green onions are one of those things.

I had first heard about regrowing green onions from the roots a couple years ago. I was skeptical at first, but it really does work and couldn't be easier!

All you do is save the root part of green onions, place in a bit of water, change it regularly, and harvest the past that grows!

I find it works best when I leave a bit of the green, but I've forgotten and cut down into the all white part before and still had regrowth.

I like to use shot glasses when I do this because the stems need to remain upright and and you really only need to keep the roots underwater.

My apartment receives very little sunlight yet this little guy grows nicely. I just set it on the windowsill and let the little plants do their thing.

This is about 1 weeks' worth of growth - plus I cut the tallest one between the last two pics because I needed some onion for a recipe I was making! This grows very quickly, but I do have the impression that the stems are more hollow.
Now, this doesn't regrow indefinitely, so don't think you've stopped buying green onions for life, but I can usually get 2 or 3 full-size plants out of each root - I call that getting a pretty good deal on green onions!

Plus, it's fun to have fresh onions growing in front of your window, ready to be snipped and sprinkled over a salad.

Happy growing!

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