Friday, April 18, 2014

Dining Out, Paleo-Style {Liege, Belgium - La Frite}

The hubster loves burgers. And by love, I mean his life goal is to find the best burger ever. (He thinks he's found it at The Homeplate, Dixon, Missouri - if you're local, check out out! The owners are great and the food is even better!)

Because of this love for burgers, and the never-ending quest for the perfect burger, we have tried a lot of burger joints.

We tried a new one recently, even though the place has been open for quite awhile now. Formerly known as "Chez Maurice", La Frite had taken over and changed things up a bit, transforming the joint from average Belgian fry place serving questionable deep-fried sticks of "meat" into a cosier, home-style place affectionately called La Frite Aime Maurice à la Folie. We had eaten their fries and loved them, but we had never made the jump to burgers.

That was a big mistake. These burgers are good!

And not only are they good, but they are also good for you!

Note - The prices have gone up slightly since this photo {generally no more than 50 cents}
and a few items have been added to the assortment {such as more homemade sauces!}.
The meat {ground beef, bacon and chicken} comes from a local butcher shop, just down the road from the burger joint {Chez Colson for the locals reading this}. All the burgers and meatballs are 100% pure beef.

The veggies come from a local group called La Ferme-Fourchette, which means "The Farm-Fork", so, basically, the veggies go from the farm to our forks!

Now, on to the fries. If you tolerate white potatoes, these are a must-try! They are hand-cut and fried in beef tallow. Then, they are salted with your choice of salt - fleur de sel, black tea and lavender...

And the sauces. The burgers come with a "special sauce" that tastes just like I remember fry sauce back home tasting. There are many other homemade sauces as well, such as olive oil mayonnaise {my personal fave} and tartar sauce {the hubster's fave}.

The pickles were icky and sweet though, I didn't eat them.
The rest was fab - I love the homemade quality of it all!
There are many other items on the menu, but I have yet to taste them all :P

As for ordering, they didn't even bat an eye when I asked for a "classic, no bun" and even gave me a couple extra leaves of iceberg, though this may have been a coincidence {be sure to ask for extra lettuce if you're going the bunless route, just to be on the safe side}.

I happened to have an avocado in my purse {it seems I always have random items in my purse, check out my Instagram for other examples like this and this :p} so I supplemented my burger with some of that green goodness!

{We were sitting behind a wall, and therefore hidden from the owners, or the hubster never would have let me whip out my avocado box and start smearing that green goodness all over that patty! That man can be such a party pooper at times :p And yes, I do have a special box reserved for transporting and storing my avocados.}

Needless to say, we both loved it, and while it's not THE best burger ever, it's still pretty darn good and not too pricey, especially for the quality of the ingredients. If you're in Belgium, you need to hit this place up.

And if you're not in Belgium and can't make it to La Frite, don't hesitate to ask for your favorite burger at your local joint to be served bunless - I've found that most places are more than willing to oblige.

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