Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another round of Whole30... {and I might have dropped the F-bomb}

Okay, I'll admit it: I said the F word. Many times. And the poor hubster had to put up with hearing it.

But I had a good reason to say it.

I'm fed up. Finished. Fighting back. Flat out tired of other people trying to tell me what's right for me. {Not to mention, famished, flatulent, fatigued, foggy...}

You see, I started eating paleo over a year ago. I can easily say my happiest months of my life health-wise were March, April, May and June, 2013. I was following a strict paleo diet template which meant I was eating lots of protein, veggies and healthy fats, occasionally fruits, nuts and seeds, and a bit of homemade dark chocolate every now and then as a real treat. I was staying active which meant I was lifting weights three days a week, doing light to moderate cardio two days a week and light yoga once a week. 

I was happy and fun to be around. I digested everything I ate and slept like a baby. I had energy for anything I wanted to do and I felt like doing a lot. My skin was clear and I was slimmer than I had ever been in my entire life.

Then, society told me what I should be eating.

It wasn't just big brand names though, it was also my friends and family. Some people got upset that I wouldn't eat dessert at their house. Some people got upset I wouldn't drink more than one or two glasses of red wine with them. Some people said I should try reintroducing foods so I could eat "normally". Some people told me I deserved to treat myself. Some people told me I needed to eat more fruit because it wasn't healthy to eat so little. Some people told me daily how horrible it must be to eat like me. Some people even flat out told me I was exaggerating.

I listened to them all.

I started accepting desserts. I started drinking more alcohol. I started baking paleo treats. I started eating fruit daily. I started reintroducing certain grains, white potatoes and dairy. And I started feeling like crap.

I made all these diet changes slowly, one by one, almost without realizing it. But then I opened my eyes to what I was doing: I was making myself sick to fit in.

So, I dropped the F-bomb a few times {sorry hunny!} and decided there and then that I would stop trying to please others. I was going to eat for me and my health. (And for the hubster's happiness as well - he admitted to me becoming more and more, ahem, bitchier, as of late...)

Here's to round two of Whole30. {Read about my first Whole30 here and here.} I'll be posting my Whole30 compliant meals on my Instagram account using the hashtag #Whole30AndThriving if you feel like following along.

And here's to getting back to a happier, healthier version of me! I'm using these 30 days as a reset to get back to my old, healthy, happy ways, then I'll get on with my Whole30ish life.

And if you're not okay with that, well, you can just go f...

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