Monday, March 3, 2014

I Workout {+ my schedule}

I workout for many reasons. First, it makes me feel strong and capable. There is no other feeling like the feeling when you lift something really heavy, put it down, and pick it back up again. (This also comes in handy when lugging my groceries home.)

Second, it makes me look strong and capable. Can you say goodbye Oprah Arms? I love seeing the increasing muscle definition on my arms and legs (I'm still waiting for my stomach to catch up...). This, in turn, helps my clothes fit better.

Third, it helps me get pumped for the day. I'm not a morning person, but I force myself out of bed every day and jump right into my workout. I may not always want to start, but I'm ready to tackle anything once I finish.

And lastly, it's my moment of "me time". I'm alone, concentrated on the movements, and everything else just falls away. No stress or worries make it through one of my workouts and I look forward to this moment of calm each and every day.

When I first started on my road to better health in January 2013, I started following the free BeFit in 90 program by Lionsgate. This is a 90-day program and is pretty varied, inlcuding weight lifting, cardio, and even yoga. I highly reccomend this program for anyone starting out and unsure of how or where to begin. Every day is structured and has a playlist of videos to follow along with.

Samantha & Garret of the BeFit in 90 program made me want to workout with them.
Unlike Denise Austin, who makes a little piece of me die every time I hear her voice. 
I was motivated to continue once the 90 days were up, so I started researching workout plans online. I came across the free Primal Blueprint Fitness guide by Mark Sission of Mark's Daily Apple and implemented that for a few months, slowly tweaking things as I went to suit my needs and wants.

From there, I launched myself headfirst into the mighty world of working out and threw together programs of my own. This site has been extremely helpful in helping me create a lifting program I can follow at home and YouTube is a goldmine of free exercise videos for when the cardio bug bites me.

All that has guided me to where I am now, with my current workout program. I say "current" because I am sure I will change things up again soon enough. But for anyone that it may help, here it is:

I Workout - BEPaleo&Thrive's Schedule

MONDAY (30 minutes)
Lower Body & Abs (dumbbells + body weight)

TUESDAY (30 minutes)
Upper Body (dumbbells + body weight)

WEDNESDAY (20-30 minutes)
A mix of whatever FitnessBlender videos I feel like doing (usually cardio or HIIT, though I often throw in a "butt building" video as well).

THURSDAY (30 minutes)
Lower Body & Abs (dumbbells + body weight)

FRIDAY (30 minutes)
Upper Body (dumbbells + body weight)

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (0 minutes to 2 hours)

I use one of these days as my rest days. The other day I take a long hike with the hubster or, if we don't find the time, I'll do a pilates or yoga video, either from FitnessBlender or from GymRa.

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Disclaimer: I am far from being a professional, I am simply sharing what works for me in the hopes that it may help someone else achieve their goals. If you have a suggestion/correction, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. And, like with any workout plan, listen to your body! Go slow and do what feels right (but don't forget to push yourself a bit!).

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