Sunday, January 26, 2014

My face {and how I take care of it}

While this blog is mostly a food blog, there are other topics that deserve to be discussed - such as beauty and health care.

Part of my transition to a paleo lifestyle has included purging my beauty supplies (read about my no poo and no toothpaste experience here). I often get questioned by friends and family about my beauty regime now, so I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world as well.

Clean Up

I use this one - the
dropper is great!
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First off, I've ditched face wash for good. I use cool, clear water to rinse of the days' grime and that is all.

If I'm feeling especially dirty, I scrub my fave with a micro fiber cloth, still only using water.

If I'm wearing makeup, I use argan oil to take it off (or organic olive oil if I'm at my mother-in-law's house). All you have to do is pour a couple drops of oil onto your fingers, then gently rub your makeup until it comes off. Then, rinse it away!

Argan oil is extremely rich in vitamin E so it does a world of good for your skin, such as helping it heal, stay moisturize and even keep it looking young. Olive oil is great for all of that stuff, too!

Every oil has its own special benefits for your skin, so feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. Look for an ingredients list that says "100% Argan oil" (or whatever oil you are buying) to be sure you're not getting any unwanted chemicals as well.


I try to remember to moisturize my skin every day, but I often forget. (Before, I was always reminded by the uncomfortable, tight skin feeling I'd get after using soaps...) I simply put a few drops of Argan oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then smooth everything over my freshly cleaned face and neck.

And no, I do not have greasy skin using oil as a moisturizer. I used to have combination soon, and now I'd call it normal. No more greasy patches, no more dry zones - and no more pimples!

Pretty much any oil can be used for this as well.

*Bonus Tip*

After moisturizing your face and neck, remove the remaining oil from your hands by rubbing them on the ends of your hair. This works wonders to prevent split ends!


I have, for the most part, stopped wearing makeup. When I do want to get all dolled up for a special occasion though, I turn to Avril, which is a great, online boutique that sells organic makeup for dirt cheap. And they actually work and look great!

Many companies like this exist, but if you're in Europe, I highly recommend giving them a try (I'm not sure if they ship overseas). I especially like that they list all the ingredients for each product so I can choose exactly what I'm willing to put on my face.

I'm currently using this mascara, this eyeliner, and this eye shadow. (Also, this aluminum-free deodorant works great!) I recently gifted some products to a friend as well, and she's in love, too.

One thing that was really hard to let go of was my chemical-laden lip balm. I would reapply every 5 minutes it seemed - once again because the tight, dry skin on my lips would remind me.

I am currently using this vitamin E stick from Perfectly Posh (Thanks, Momma!) and I hardly ever "need" it. I'd guess I use it 0-2 times a day. I take that as a sign that it's pretty good for my lips. This company also lists all their ingredients. 

*Bonus Tip*

After spooning some coconut oil (or any healthy fat for that matter) from its jar, rub the back of the spoon over your lips. You'll love how hydrated they become!

And there you have it! Simple, natural steps to take care of my skin and keep it looking its best.

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