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eBook Review {3 Phase Paleo}

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When I saw this photo in my Instagram news feed, I immediately wished I had started my blog last year so it would be big enough to even be considered for something like this... I decided to use my 20 seconds of courage though, and send the email requesting to participate in the affiliate program anyway - and I was accepted! (Maybe they accepted everyone, I don't know, but it sure as heck made my day!)

So what is this all about, you ask? Well, The Paleo Parents have done it again - they wrote another book! They already have Eat Like a Dinosaur (on my list) which is a children's cook-story-book for the whole family, as well as Beyond Bacon (one of the first paleo cookbooks I bought!) which is full of everything you'll ever need to know about using all parts of the pig (yes, even the tail!). Find out more about those books here.

I'm here today to talk to you about the latest addition to their growing library: 3 Phase Paleo (click here to learn how you could win a copy!). Unlike the first two, this is an eBook. Just like the first two, 3 Phase Paleo is much more than just a cookbook. They've actually managed to answer one of the biggest paleo questions out there:

How do you get the whole family to do it?

This eBook shows you how Matt and Stacy transformed their lives, and the lives of their children, by transitioning to a paleo lifestyle. They all experienced increased physical health (not to mention extraordinary weight loss) as well as improved mental health, "curing" problems such as depression and behavioral issues. All of this thanks to food.

The steps are simple, and outlined clearly in the book:


Sounds easy enough, right? And here's the thing - there is no catch, no gimmick, no hidden anything. It really is that simple.

Swap This phase is the foundation of your lifestyle change. The Paleo Parents guide you through a pantry purge, helping you rid your house of the biggest offenders once and for all. They even throw in a printable grocery list (organized by store!) to lend a helping hand as you shop.

Remove Now that you've gotten past eating gluten and most grains, it's time to perfect your diet. Matt and Stacy have provided a handy pantry list to help you stock your shelves like a pro, all while avoiding inflammatory foods. (They even dedicated an entire page to chocolate!)

Heal The last phase goes beyond food - and you will see the paleo diet is actually a LIFESTYLE. Not only will this section of the book teach you about healing foods to add to your paleo diet such as nutrient-dense organ meats, it will also guide you through what a paleo life should be like. Don't worry, there are no rules here, just general guidelines for getting proper sleep, managing stress, and staying active.

So, those are the steps to follow in a nutshell (trust me, there are a lot more details in the eBook!), but what about the recipes? Well, you'll be happy to know there are nearly 80 delicious recipes in this eBook! And while some of them have already appeared in Eat Like a Dinosaur or in Beyond Bacon, this time they have the added bonus of being organized by phase so you know exactly which meals are best suited for your journey to paleo.

Phase 1 Recipes - Swap Here are your comfort-foods turned paleo. These recipes will help ease you into the new lifestyle without needing to go cold turkey and say goodbye to pancakes from day one. Does this mean you can only eat these foods while transitioning into paleo? No, of course not, but these are foods that will slowly leave the title of "staples" behind and become know as "treats" to be had only on occasion.

Phase 2 Recipes - Remove These recipes are true to paleo and allow you and your family to try new things you don't necessarily eat while following a Standard American Diet.

Phase 3 Recipes - Heal Bone broth, offal, fermented foods... it's all here and just waiting to become regular parts of your every day diet! These are must-haves if optimal health is your goal.

And let me tell you - the recipes are quite simply amazing! 

Take the 50/50 Bacon Burgers for example: the ingredients are simple and easy to find, they don't take long to make, and the flavors are out of this world! I may never eat another burger again! They certainly beat any restaurant burger I've had, and I'm sure of the ingredients when I make them myself.

I also love the flexibility of the different recipes. I made the spinach part of Eggs Stacy, topped it with fresh sliced tomatoes and served it as a simple side for one of my dinners. Quick, easy, delicious - and proof that there are endless possibilities within the ePages of 3 Phase Paleo.

As for the treats section, this recipe for the Healthiest Ice Cream Ever is definitely on the top of my recipes-to-make list (just as soon as I finish my Whole30!). You'll never guess what this desserts' "secret" ingredient is, proving that treats can be packed full of nutrients!

All the recipes can easily be found in the index, organized by phase. There is also a "nut-free" and an "egg-free" section, for those with allergies (a lot of the recipes in this eBook are nut and egg free, by the way!).

To sum things up, this is the perfect tool for anyone looking to make the switch to paleo - especially if the rest of the family is hard to convince or if going "cold turkey" just isn't for you.

Stacy and Matt really nailed it with 3 Phase Paleo, so go check it out on their blog (they even have sample recipes for you to try out!). I'm off to cook up some yummy Spaghetti Squash with Meat and Offal Sauce for dinner...

Click here to visit Paleo Parents.
Click here to learn how to win a copy of 3 Phase Paleo.

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